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Uma Musume Sweep Tosho was the gatekeeper of the Queen Elizabeth Cup. I also fought against Daiwa Scarlet and Kawakami Princess

The GI Queen Elizabeth Cup will be held at Kyoto Racecourse on Sunday, November 14, 2021.

 From its founding in 1976 to 1995, it was held as a limited edition 3-year-old mare with 2400 meters of turf. Since 1996, when the Shuka Sho was founded, the age limit has been lifted and the distance has been shortened to 2200 meters of turf. It was a battle to decide the strongest mare in the middle distance.

* Horse age notation is based on the current one.

 The racehorses that were the basis of ” Uma Musume ” are also running in this race, but the one with the highest number of races is the Sweep Tosho. From the age of 3 to 6, he has been running for four consecutive years.

 The results he achieved were excellent, and he won the championship in 2005. In other years, I have never removed the bulletin board, with 5th, 2nd, and 3rd. It was a horse like “the gatekeeper of the Queen Elizabeth Cup”, saying, “If you want to win this race, beat me!”

 Also, in this race, Sweep Tosho is running with Kawakami Princess and Daiwa Scarlet, making it a meaningful race from the perspective of “Uma Musume”.

 In this article, let’s look back at the footsteps Sweep Tosho left on the Queen Elizabeth Cup. Click here to purchase “Anime” Umayon “Blu-ray BOX” ( [ Limited] “Uma Box 2” 4th Corner Click here to purchase the anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2” Trainer’s Box ( of contentsclose

The background and personality of Sweep Tosho

 Sweep Tosho was born in 2001 at Tosho Farm in Hokkaido. Tosho Farm is an “owner breeder” who runs the horses he produces under his own name. Although it was disbanded in 2015, it produced many famous horses bearing the name of Tosho, including Mr. C B’s father, “Tenma” Tosho Boy.

 There is a rule in the naming of the Tosho Ranch, and stallion has “Tosho” at the beginning of the name, such as “Tosho Falco”. Mares, on the contrary, end in their name, like “Sister Show”. The mare Sweep Tosho was named according to this rule by getting a part of its name from his father’s End Sweep.

 This name has another meaning. Sweep Tosho’s mother, Tabasa Tosho, and her mother, Samantha Tosho, are named after the characters in the overseas drama ” Bewitched, ” which was a hit in Japan from the 1960s to the 1970s . It is named after Samantha, the main character, and her daughter, Tabasa.

 Speaking of a witch, it’s a broom, and speaking of a broom, it’s a sweep.

 The fact that Sweep Tosho has become a magical girl character in “Uma Musume” and that her grandmother claims to be a witch is probably an inflated setting.

 Also, when it comes to the Sweep Tosho of “Uma Musume”, the individuality of “selfish” and “mischievous” is often highlighted. This also largely reflects the character of the original racehorse.

 The racehorse Sweep Tosho was just ill-tempered. The episodes are enumerated, such as “I hate walking when I’m in a bad mood”, “Boycott training”, “I often hate entering the gate, and Mr. Hosoe (*) is pleased when I enter smoothly”. I have no time.

* Junko Hosoe, a former jockey. Currently, he is a horse-race critic and has appeared regularly in the anime “Uma Musume” as himself. The JRA official video that Mr. Hosoe explains about Sweep Tosho is below.

[Understanding in 3 minutes] Sweep Tosho, a mare that opened the door to a new era | JRA Official

 Jockey Ikezoe, who was the main battle of Sweep Tosho, said he had a hard time, and he said that he sometimes got stuck in training. When asked on TV, “Do you want to make Sweep Tosho her?”, She immediately answered, “No, it’s hard. I think I’ll be swayed.”

 However, on the other hand, there is also a follow-up saying, “Pride is insanely high, but isn’t it an insanely beautiful woman?” In another interview, Sweep Tosho was praised for its ability to be straightforward and easy to ride in the race, and for its mare-specific sharpness.

 In fact, there were scenes where Sweep Tosho was pampered by Jockey Ikezoe, and even before “Uma Musume” came out, some horse racing fans said that Sweep Tosho would definitely be a tsundere. The character attachment in “Uma Musume” would be something like “after all”.

Results at the Queen Elizabeth Cup

 Such a Sweep Tosho entered the Queen Elizabeth Cup for four years from 2004 to 2007.

2004 (sweep 3 years old)

 The Sweep Tosho of the year was seen as one of the classic candidates. At the Oka Sho, he lost to the “genius girl” Dance in the Mood, and Oaks also lost to the 6th most popular ambush, Daiwa El Ciero, but won the Shuka Sho and won the honor of winning, and became a top-class mare as a 3-year-old mare. Prove to have.

 Then, we welcomed the Queen Elizabeth Cup, which was our first challenge. In this race, his running was highly evaluated, and although he was supported by the most popular race with a win of 3.3 times, he could not reach the rear and finished in 5th place. The winner was Admire Groove, the daughter of Air Groove. She won the championship in a row following the previous year.

2004 Queen Elizabeth Cup (GI) | Admire Groove | JRA Official

 By the way, Sweep Tosho failed to start in this race and showed a splendid delay. After this, you will still suffer from gate dislike and start difficulty, but it is understandable that you have the skill of “gate difficulty” when you appear as a rival in “Uma Musume”.

2005 (sweep 4 years old)

 The Spring 2005 Sweep Tosho is in great shape. Although he lost to 5th place at the Todaiji Stakes (Open) in May, he finished 2nd with Asakusa Denen who won at Yasuda Kinen in June. And three weeks later, at the Takarazuka Kinen, he won the championship by winning a close battle with a dismissal difference. It became a grand prix horse on a sunny day.

 This Takarazuka Kinen had quite a few members.

 The second Heart’s Cry has grown rapidly this year, and at the end of the year Arima Kinen is the first horse to lay the ground on the “monster” Deep Impact. The third Zenno Rob Roy is a famous horse who suddenly awakened in the previous year and achieved the second Aki Kouma Triple Crown in history (by the way, the first is T.M. Opera O).

 Other members include Tap Dance City, a late runaway horse who won the Takarazuka Kinen and Japan Cup in the past and won the Kinko Sho in the previous race, and Admire Groove, who defeated the sweep at the Queen Elizabeth Cup the previous year. It’s just a multi-talented person. Under such circumstances, Sweep Tosho, which overturned the low evaluation of 11th popularity and won the second mare in history for the first time in 39 years, has come to be regarded as one of the strongest old horses.

 However, while the evaluation went up, the race was not stable, and in the fall, the crown was 6th and the Emperor’s Award (Autumn) was 5th.

 And the second Queen Elizabeth Cup. The most popular race in this race is Air Messiah, who wins the Rose Stakes and the Shuka Sho in a row and rides the waves. The Sweep Tosho was the second most popular, probably because it wasn’t supposed to get much better in the fall.

 However, as a result, I just didn’t get into the previous run and the previous run. The explosive power when Sweep Tosho is addicted is unrivaled.

 In the race, Osumi Haruka escaped with Susui, and Sweep Tosho was a horse race from the back as usual. Osumi Haruka rushes to the final corner with an easy escape from a single horse as a result of Minesa Mansa taking a slight move forward but soon losing her response.

 At the stage of approaching the entrance of the straight line, the difference between Osumi Haruka at the beginning and 2nd place is 5 to 6 horses. When Osumi Haruka had less than 300 meters left, the live announcer Tetsushi Baba shouted, “Is it finally possible to escape this year!”

 At that time, there was a horse that jumped in from the outside with tremendous legs. It’s a Sweep Tosho no matter who it is.

 When Sweep Tosho dodged Admire Groove, which was running in parallel, it accelerated rapidly in a straight line. He showed a sharp leg, caught Osumi Haruka running away, and ran through the goal board at the beginning.

 Osumi Haruka’s race is perfect. If you do that run, Osumi Haruka should be the winner. The Sweep Tosho’s powerful legs that overturned it are different among mares. After all it was suitable for the strongest old horse.

 In addition, in this video of Kansai horse racing, there is also a scene where Sweep Tosho enters the gate smoothly and Mr. Hosoe is pleased, so please take a look.

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