Tales of Luminaria

Tales of Luminaria delivery date and pre-registration information

What is “Tales of Luminaria”?

“Tales of Series” completely new! A story in which 21 protagonists grow up with their own “justice”!

“Tales of Luminaria”, a new game app for smartphones presented by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment .

This work will be the new “Tales of” following “Tales of Arise” released on September 9, 2021 as a work suitable for closing the 25th anniversary of the series .

“Original character only” is now available . This is the first completely new title of the app, in which 21 protagonists grow up with their own “justice” .

It seems that the essence of the “Tales of” series, “That encounter changed the world,” remains the same, but with many changes unique to the app .

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On October 28, the delivery date was decided and a new visual was released .

In addition to the visuals that have already been released , let’s check the details as it is an illustration that is deeply linked to the story that will be told in the future .

[Updated on November 4 ] When is the delivery date?

Trailer “ANSWER” PV

“Tales of Ruminaria” is 2021 November 4 (Thursday) to the distribution start was.

If you are interested, download it from the following.

What is the game system of “Tales of Luminaria”?

This work follows the familiar action battle in the series, and seems to make use of the tap and flick operations unique to smartphones .

You can enjoy action battles that are unique to each character , such as swiftly standing around with a sword or sniping remotely with a bow and arrow, while performing simple operations such as touching and flicking .

“RPG experience with feet on the ground” where you can take an adventure while manipulating the character with the player’s hands , such as going through the dungeon where the beast nests and fighting with a huge boss beast with friends who share the adventure. It means that you can taste.

▲ It seems that multi-battle is also possible.

Seamless battle and story that integrates battle and drama

Field in multiplying the story conversation is with voice proceed at.

In addition to the serious story that is the center of the character episode, you can enjoy daily conversations that give you a glimpse of the character’s side, and conversations during and after the battle , as soon as you start the game anytime, anywhere.

The seamless battle that integrates the battle and the drama seems to allow you to play immersively through the continuous character conversation.


It was revealed that this work will be a story of the bonds between the 21 main characters , their way of life and their friends, who grow up while embracing their own “justice” .

By looking at the beliefs and justices of each hero from multiple angles, the theme peculiar to the “Tales of” series, such as ” justice is not one ,  can be seen in a deeper and unprecedented way.


Even if my justice kills your justice

Once upon a time, huge beasts like mountains lived in this value.

The skeleton was filled with “mana”, and people who sought the mana gathered, and several nations were born.

Someday people worshiped the beasts that are the source of manna as “source beasts” and began to live with them. This is the beginning of the beast belief.

And time goes by

A war broke out between the Yule Federation, which is based on the belief in the source beast, and the Jilldra Empire, which has made dramatic progress with its own technology. After that, the war will continue to intensify.

A young federal knight candidate or an imperial general, an adventurer who doesn’t belong to either.

A story about the lives of “21 diverse people” consisting of civilian employees and adventurers who belong to the two countries, and the bonds they create.

What are each thought and the hidden “truth of the world”?


Shun Saeki is in charge of all the character designs of the 21 main characters of this work .

An attractive character that has the warmth peculiar to the series but also feels new is drawn.

Attention is paid to the design that allows unified character expression in all illustrations, games, and animations, without changing the character view even if it is reduced to the anime style that is the feature of “Tales of” .

Details of the characters are introduced in the following article. Please check this as well.

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