Sweep Tosho from the outside

Sweep Tosho from the outside! After all this horse is strong” [Queen Elizabeth Cup 2005] Live: Tetsushi Baba announcer

2006 (sweep 5 years old)

The protagonist of the Queen Elizabeth Cup this year was Kawakami Princess, a power-based Cinderella. He won the Oaks and Shuka Sho without losing from his debut, and was in great shape with 6 wins in 6 races. The unfathomable strength led to the expectations of the fans, and it was the most popular in this race.

On the other hand, Sweep Tosho remained the second most popular. This year, he shook spring due to a broken bone and returned to the Kyoto Grand Prize in October. He won this and was facing the third Queen Elizabeth Cup after finishing 5th in the Tenno Sho (Autumn).

It was Kawakami Princess who showed strength in the race. When entering the straight line, only one of them showed a dramatization that the momentum was different, and he escaped as it was and finished in 1st place. Although the Sweep Tosho was driven in, it did not reach and ended up in 3rd place.

However, it was determined that Kawakami Princess had cut the course of another horse just before she escaped, and due to this, she was demoted to 12th place. The ranking went up by that amount, and Fusaichi Pandora, who was second, came in first, and Sweep Tosho, who was third, also came in second.

Kawakami Princess wasn’t blessed with victory after this, so I can’t help but wonder what would have happened without this skew.

2007 (sweep 6 years old)

This year’s Sweep Tosho showed strength, such as digging into second place in the spring GII Mylars Cup, showing that there is still more work to be done. However, it was two of the same mares that caught the attention of the year.

 The first is Vodka, who won the Japanese Derby as a mare for the first time in 64 years. And the other was “Miss Perfect” Daiwa Scarlet, who won the Oka Sho and Shuka Sho and never finished third or less.

 As for the odds in advance, the most popular vodka and the second most popular Daiwa Scarlet are predominant. Sweep Tosho became the third most popular after them. However, just before the race, Vodka suffered from Ha line (because of injuries, etc., the way of walking became strange), so the race was canceled and more than 1.5 billion yen was returned, which is an unprecedented situation.

 In such a slightly confused race, Daiwa Scarlet took control of the group while escaping. Sweep Tosho runs in the middle team. The race progresses at a slow pace where the horse in front is advantageous.

 When Daiwa Scarlet enters the straight line, Katsumi Ando jockey puts a whip and spurts. The previous year’s champion Fusaichi Pandora was approaching from the outside, and Sweep Tosho was approaching from the inside, but Daiwa Scarlet, who continued to use good legs, ran through the goal without giving up the lead.

“I can’t lose because of vodka” Daiwa Scarlet [Queen Elizabeth Cup 2007] Live: Tetsushi Baba Announcer

 Sweep Tosho retired in this race. The race record is 24 races and 8 wins. Among them, GI won 3 wins and the heavy prize was 6 wins in total.

Sweep Tosho, the forerunner of strong mares

 In the history of Japanese horse racing, strong mares that beat even stallion often appear. Air Groove is probably the representative of “Uma Musume”.

These strong mares were picked up because of the fact that it is rare for a mare to beat a stallion.

However, after the introduction of Sweep Tosho, mares leading the horse racing world have appeared almost every year. Vodka and Daiwa Scarlet, to which Sweep has given up the title, are examples, and recently Almond Eye and Chrono Genesis are examples. In that sense, the Sweep Tosho is actually a horse that has a very important meaning in the history of modern horse racing. Sweatshirts have recently been added to the “Uma Musume” game and are attracting the attention of trainers. When will it be implemented as a breeding horse girl? After all, is there an event in the story that gets a gate difficulty? I would like to wait while dreaming of such a thing until the day when it is implemented.Authr status: 2 minutes walk from the north exitRiding on the ” Davista ” boom, he started watching horse racing and somehow kept chasing information until now. The animation of “Uma Musume” has been watched until the second term, and the game is played from the first day of distribution. I cried to death in the anime.

 The billing amount is about 80,000 yen as of November 2021, and the team rank is S. It insists that it is a fine charge group.

 Now, while taking care of the newborn real daughter, she spends her days working hard to raise her horse daughter.

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