Kingdom shopping street app version evaluation and app information

Kingdom shopping street app version evaluation and app information

Create a shopping street that mourns the recession! Simulation of building and building stores such as restaurants and weapon stores

A management simulation that revitalizes a shopping district that mourns the recession!

Simulation game that has been sold to Windows for the “kingdom shopping street” is app appeared in.

This work is a shopping street management simulation game where you build and build stores .

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The player becomes the city’s sister “Sophia” and runs a shopping district to bring the city of Ishwald to life, which is mourning the recession . Common people of the cafeteria , including, Weapon Shop and Boguya, so also be built, such as fencing dojo, business conditions of each store to understand, surplus management Let’s aim to population growth, and shopping district.

In addition to the 270 types in the original, there are 310 types with 40 new types added There are 90 types of items that can be obtained by dispatching

exploration teams and alchemy , and 200 politicians who can deepen friendship, which is full of elements of replay.

Store to be built is updated every season is, income and demand is high store, item shop that enters the hand, such as the possible development shop by many call the customer, by store various features there is.

Choosing a store to build in the shopping district while comparing the characteristics of the store is the key to running the shopping district.

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Kingdom Shopping Street App version information

GenreManagement / nurturing simulation
releaseiPhone: November 01, 2021Android: November 01, 2021
priceiPhone: 490 yenAndroid: 600 yen
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