What is "Pikmin Bloom"?

Distribution started in Japan! Pikmin Bloom delivery date and pre-registration app information Pikmin App (Pikmin GO)

What is “Pikmin Bloom”?

Pikmin’s new smartphone app that “makes walking fun” is announced!

Niantic, known for “Pokemon GO” and others, announced a new partnership with Nintendo on March 23 .

And as the first step of this partnership, the development of a new smartphone application of the popular series “Pikmin” was announced.

This work is said to be an application that uses AR technology with the theme of “making walking fun”, and it seems that there is a possibility that you can play with Pikmin in the real world like “Pokemon GO” .

The trailer for “Pikmin Bloom” has been released.

▲ “Pikmin Bloom Trailer”

In this article, I will summarize the information that is currently known about such “Pikmin Bloom” .

[Updated on November 1 ] When is the delivery date?

Current “Pikmin Bloom” is also in Japan 2021 November 1 (Monday) in the iPhone / Android to the distribution start was.

What is the game system of “Pikmin Bloom”?

Details of “Pikmin Bloom” have not been disclosed, but it seems that it will be an application that uses AR technology with the theme of “making walking fun” .

Shigeru Miyamoto, CEO of Nintendo Co., Ltd. , commented on this work as follows.

“Niantic’s AR technology has made it possible for Pikmin to be around you and around the world. With the theme of walking happily, you can experience new fields that are different from games. We want to bring it to you through the app, and we hope that Pikmin and this app will be your life partner. “

Since Niantic is working on “Pokemon GO”, this work can be a work that allows you to experience new experiences such as searching for Pikmin in the real world and taking it with you , instead of transplanting Pikmin as it is to your smartphone. There seems to be sex.

There are still many unclear points, so stay tuned for more details on the game system.

Game information is released on Niantic’s official blog, and this work allows you to discover Pikmin seedlings by walking and grow the seedlings to create your own Pikmin formation .

It seems that walking can increase Pikmin and make the roads that you take bloom .

<10/29 postscript>

An introduction video of how to play has been released on official Twitter.

By setting seedlings in a planter and walking a specific number of steps, the seedlings can grow and pull out Pikmin . Gradually, you can carry various kinds of Pikmin with you, and the screen will become lively .

The collected Pikmin is a game where you can meet and heal a lot of Pikmin by giving or dispatching items to enjoy various games .

There is also an element called “Deco Pikmin  that Pikmin wears items .
The appearance of wearing small items such as caps and cups is so cute.

Walking while planting flowers collected from Pikmin will make it easier for seedlings to grow. It is displayed on the screen that other players in the
vicinity are also planting flowers , and when many players are planting flowers in the vicinity, it seems that “big flowers” will bloom nearby .

On that day or walked how much and, photos taken to save the diary can also look back as.
It seems that you can also take a picture with Pikmin and others.

If you take the extract from the fruit that Pikmin brought back and give it to Pikmin , flowers will bloom on your head . If you collect the petals from Pikmin and others, you can use them for flower planting the next time you take them with you.

If you want more fruits and seedlings , let the Pikmin go to “Otsukai” .
It takes a certain amount of time to pick up the fruits and new seedlings found that day.

▲ Mushrooms seem to be close to the standing position of the so-called “Raid Boss”.

You can get lots of fruits by breaking the big mushrooms you find while walking . It will take some time to destroy it, so send as many Pikmin as possible to have them destroyed and check them tomorrow morning.
Click here for an introduction video on how to play on official Twitter

When do you pre-register?

Pre-registration for “Pikmin Bloom” has started on 3/23 on the Niantic website .

[Updated on November 1] Basic information on “Pikmin Bloom”

Delivery dateNovember 1, 2021 (Monday) ← Distribution starts in Japan!
Supported OSiPhone, Android
Official Twitter“Pikmin Bloom” Official Twitter
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