A casual and comfortable way to play popular games such as "Battlefield 1" on your laptop or smartphone

A casual and comfortable way to play popular games such as “Battlefield 1” on your laptop or smartphone!

High-spec PCs are quite high-end products. Even if you have game software for PCs that you want to play with, many people are worried that they can’t afford it.

The cloud gaming service “GeForce NOW Powered by SoftBank (hereafter, GeForce NOW)” is recommended for such people. If you register, you will be able to play high-quality popular games on your laptop or smartphone.

 More than 1000 titles (*) are supported. There is also a free plan, so you can feel free to try it.

 That said, if you haven’t tried cloud gaming services, you may feel uneasy because of delays in operations. In this article, we will actually play the popular FPS ” Battlefield 1 ” on PCs and smartphones, and also introduce its play feel.

This is because the following 4 titles are now playable in addition to ” Apex Legends ” which already supports GeForce NOW . Great opportunity to try out the play feel!

“Battlefield 1″ is the 12th work of the popular series ” Battlefield ” released in 2016. The latest work is a return-to-origin work based on the theme of World War I, which is a complete change from the flow that depicts battles in the modern and near future.

 The latest series ” Battlefield 2042 ” will be released on November 19, 2021, so I chose this popular series.

 Although it is a work 5 years ago, this work requires some specs, but when I played it on a PC using GeForce NOW … I was able to play without feeling any delay!

There may be a slight delay, but it’s a level that I don’t notice at all. I was able to fully enjoy the comfortable operability and the overwhelming production.

 Of course, since it is a cloud, there is no need to download game data to storage.

 Originally, “Battlefield 1” has to download a data capacity of about 47GB. Another advantage of this service is that you can play these large-capacity blockbuster titles immediately after purchase.

 Multiplayer is also very comfortable. I was able to properly aim at the enemy and give a blow (although I was killed by a counterattack immediately after that …).

Play “Battlefield 1” with GeForce NOW! (Smartphone edition)

 Next, I decided to play “Battlefield 1” on my smartphone. By the way, the smartphone model is the iPhone XS, which was released about three years ago.

 And I was able to play here without any problems! Although it is a little difficult to read the text information due to the monitor size, the play feel is as comfortable as a PC.

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